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Cable Pulling Solutions

SouthwireTM Cable Pulling equipment sets the industry standard. We’ve revolutionized these tools to make them faster, safer, and smarter than ever before. With City Electric Supply Cable Pulling rental equipments on your job site, you can see an increasein safety, efficiency, and profitability.


Implementation of the full Maxis 6K Puller pays for itself with time ands afety. A case study performed showed a reduction a job consisting of 24 runs of 5-conductor, 500 kcmil copper THHN cable (61,500 circuit feet) using 6 electricians into one 8-hour day. Savings were captured in setup time, communication, pulling time, reset speed, and reduction of downtime.

Do You Think It's Possible To Install:

61500' of 500 kcmil THHN

24 5-Conductor Runs
Averaging 512.5' each

6 Electricians

1 Day (8 Hours)

Reel Jacks
Tray Rollers
Hook Sheaves

Equipment Rental Agreement